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Chairman & Managing Director

Laxmi Diamonds Bengaluru

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From his adolescence he has been very close to his Grand Mother after whom we named our Company. She has been my staunch and profound inspiration in life! Be it our commitment to service our clientele at our optimum or to always be a harbinger to bring about the change and spearhead our industry to collaborate and facilitate each other. By the blessings of my Grand Mother we founded Laxmi Diamonds Bengaluru in the year 2007 with the objective of supplying South Indian Traditional Closed Setting Diamond Jewellery which Carries More than 5000 Plus Year Legacy.

He was very passionate about South Indian Closed Setting Diamond Jewellery because of the Rich Heritage associated with it. Inspired by the beauty of closed setting Diamond jewellery since its Handcrafted a Vision came in his mind to spread the beauty of this jewellery to the entire world. Thus started this wonderful journey of Laxmi Diamonds Bengaluru.

Mr. Chetan Kumar Mehta through his sincere and hard work started to pursue his vision. To manufacture closed setting diamond jewellery, required skilled and master craftsmen. It was a very challenging initially find such talented craftsmen with experience. Continues efforts by Mr. Chetan Kumar Mehta has now created a wonderful team of experienced craftsmen who are now on roll our excellent jewellery everyday.

The vision of Mr. Chetan Kumar Mehta has come true. Today Laxmi Diamonds Bengaluru is one of the largest manufacturer of closed setting Diamond jewellery and has business with top most jewellers World Wide. He has successfully launched “Retro Collection” & “Heritage Collection”, which are innovative and trendsetting brands of Laxmi diamonds. Instantly super hit, the creativity involved these brands are appreciated world-wide.

True to his vision..

He says this just the beginning and the best is yet to come.

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